Closet as art. Design tricks to help your closet be an accent

Built-in closet is a large piece of furniture, which also does not move. It would seem to be an obvious fact, but there is a catch. Just because of its size, the closet will inevitably affect the entire interior – it will not be removed from sight, as a boring nightstand. Just like a kitchen, a closet requires a design approach.

See the variants of closets you can here:

Two different approaches to closet design

Letting go on a run with the issue of cabinet design can not: a thought like “we’ll choose some doors from a catalog when the fitter arrives” or “do as a neighbor” can lead to unpleasant results – the cabinet is, new, modern, comfortable, no complaints to the company, but  “something is not right. And this “something” will bother you for many years. Until you decide on a new and expensive repairs.

There are two opposing design strategies in creating a closet, which depend on the style of the interior and what kind of mood you want to create:

  1. Modern or minimalist style – make the closet as inconspicuous as possible, “dissolve” it in the walls, so it does not attract attention
  2. Neoclassical or loft style – the cabinet can be highlighted, for example, order an original drawing on the door or choose a bright, spectacular wood texture.

How to hide the closet in the interior

If you decide that the closet in your interior does not need to stand out, it does not mean that you do not have space for creativity and that in the end this piece of furniture will look boring.

The principles of minimalism will help you make an aesthetically pleasing and cool closet that will not get boring and will not go out of style in 5 or 10 years:

  • Use white colour for the doors. Such doors look visually lighter than mirrored or wood doors: the semi-matte white coating creates the illusion of translucency, airiness.
  • Work with the color of the profile. For example, if you choose a profile that is much darker than the frame and doors of the cabinet, you get a subtle highlighting effect. Such a cabinet looks original, but also doesn’t stand out too much against the doors.
  • Use harmonious shades for both the profile and the doors. For an interior with warm tones, gold and cream solutions will do. And for an apartment with more cold shades – a cabinet in metallic color.

Highlighting: Ways to make a closet a work of art

A picture cabinet will become a point of attraction, make the interior memorable and original – especially relevant for apartments in the neoclassical, retro or loft style.

All of these techniques can be used for hallway closets, bedroom closets, and even overbed fitted wardrobes.

Create an integral image with the interior of the room, using delicate artistic techniques.

For example, for a girl’s child, you should not print on the doors of the cabinet of a princess in a pink dress. But to create a closet reminiscent of a magic castle with gothic windows will be the right and long-lasting solution (such a closet will not bore her daughter when she grows up).

Create a backdrop for the interior

This technique is very popular with the British. In their interiors, tall, ceiling-high, sleek cabinets and shelving in the living room are often painted to match the color of the walls and form a sort of general colored background for everything else. Colors in English paints are noble and sophisticated, and even when saturated or dark, such cabinets do not look too bright or depressing and blend perfectly with the rest of the room.

Staying as if in the background, the facades have no patina, overly embossed panels, carvings or excessive decorations. Thanks to the color, they don’t need it.

Smooth coloring can make a simple in shape cabinet with a laconic finish interesting and self-sufficient. It will look much richer and more interesting than its “white” or veneered counterpart. And more intelligent than its richly decorated counterpart in the usual classic finishes.

Make an accent wall

In lighter and lighter interiors often highlight one wall entirely with a full-height colored shelving unit. This looks very effective in living rooms, when there is a whole wall under the closet or a fragment of the wall is large enough and noticeable (located so that the main action unfolds against it).

Dissolve furniture into space

In bedrooms, a solid front of colored closet fronts gives the same effect as a painted wall. Here the rule works: the smaller the room, the more concise the solution.

Sometimes it is a bright contrast in color and tone with the floor and walls, which immediately gives joy, makes the total white interiors “play”. Sometimes they introduce a color that is subtle and “soft”, but sets the right mood.

Tip: If there is a niche in the cabinets where the wall itself is visible, it is better to paint this piece of wall the same color as the shelving unit.

Add a bright accent

Even ordinary open shelves can be made either a bright accent, and immediately set a joyful tone to the most ordinary room, or disguise them under the architectonics of the wall.

When there is no possibility and desire to order in advance or to repaint the entire existing cabinet, you can highlight the ends of the frame, the surfaces inside the shelves and sections.

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